Why You Should Give Minivans a Chance: 2016 Honda Odyssey

2016 honda odyssey

An epic vehicle for you and your epic family. No vans on the market compare to the Honda Odyssey’s well rounded construction and thoughtful design. Lucky for anyone interested, the brand new 2016 version has just been released with 3 new trim levels. If you’ve ever been hesitant to buy a minivan, this post is for you.

Engine and Efficiency

The Honda Odyssey may not be as quick or efficient as your average sedan, but it’s no slouch. The 248 horsepower V-6 will push you from 0 to 60 in just over 7 and a half seconds, while still getting 28 mpg on the highway. One of the coolest features about having a minivan is the ability to pile in so many people for one trip, and this V-6 will lug them around without hesitation. Gone are the days of taking two vehicles to your destination.

Safety and Entertainment

The Honda Odyssey is built using strong high quality steel throughout the entire frame. The safety technology includes features like Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Motoring, LaneWatch™, Electronic Brake Distribution, Rearview Camera, and Forward Collision Warning. You can rest easy knowing that you and your family will be safe inside the Odyssey.

2016 honda odyssey

And when your family is safe, they can relax and enjoy the simple comforts of life. The Odyssey’s Rear Entertainment System, or RES, can be added onto trim level EX-L and above. It features a 16.2 ultra-widescreen display capable of playing DVD’s and powering game consoles, as well as surround sound. The Odyssey is the van everyone will be fighting to ride in on your next family road trip, except there won’t be a fight because everyone will fit.

Utility and Cargo Space

Along with the addition of the RES, Honda Touring Elite models come equipped with a HondaVAC™. The HondaVAC™ is the first ever built in minivan vacuum. Conveniently placed in the rear of the vehicle, the vacuum will make cleaning out the van after a messy afternoon easier than ever. Vacuuming isn’t typically fun, but it’s better when it’s convenient.

Here’s a feature we feel is constantly overlooked: Cargo space. With all the seats out, the Honda Odyssey has a staggering 148.5 cu ft of storage space. We can’t think of too many errands this van couldn’t conquer. It even has a towing capacity of 3500lbs, so pulling a small boat, camper, or trailer is even an option. Who said minivans aren’t tough?

2016 honda odyssey

Start Your Journey

We’ve really only glossed over the features this vehicle has to offer. It’s packed with so many, listing them all would be like writing the owner’s manual for a space craft. We would call it Honda’s mother ship, but the Odyssey is equally a father ship – maybe a partnership is its best description.

Come by today and test drive a Honda Odyssey for yourself. It won’t have you burning rubber at the stop lights, but it will keep you and your family safe, happy, and busy.

2016 honda odyssey

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