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These Cities Swapped Out Freeways for Gardens and It Worked Out Fantastically

Editor’s Note: We are going to acknowledge right off the bat that this post is based on Gizmodo’s fantastic piece, “6 Freeway Removals That Changed Their Cities Forever” Once upon a time, the automobile was born. Wheat-chewing farmers and cigar-chomping industrialists regarded the new machine with wonder and avarice, respectively. Baseball-loving boys and gradually-liberated girls […]

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Honda Bets U.S. Market on Fit and New Model Vezel

Honda is known for producing mass-market vehicles that grab huge chunks of market volume for a few simple reasons: low price, reliability, safety and quality of construction. Given that this is the case, it shouldn’t be much of surprise to notice that these attributes come at the expense of others, namely: high-performance, luxury, and a […]

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