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Evidence of Driving on Phone Danger In One Simple Video

It’s heartbreaking. You can see the other car coming before the teenager can. You can’t warn them. You can’t save them. And neither could the researchers who had to watch these troublesome last seconds before impact. Watch this video. Share it with your kids. And your friends. Don’t forget to tell yourself that you need […]

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Wow. This Honda Civic Type R Ad Is Awesome

Note: The above is just a trailer; for the interactive video itself, click here. Honda has a golden YouTube touch lately. Their latest video offering is something we haven’t quite seen before. Honda wanted to create a video that showed dual nature of the Civic: the standard, suburban, dependable Civic that we know very well, […]

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Honda’s Virtual Towing Uses Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication

Help! I’m having a heart attack! Those storied words, first uttered by someone who has long since been forgotten, have haunted and now inspired Honda’s leadership. Their inspiration has been swift, visionary, possibly comedic, and has led to a new feature. Honda has developed “virtual towing,” a means by which one car can tow another […]

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