Impressive Video of the Day: Honda’s Asimo Robot in New York City

Okay. Obviously, we’re fans of Honda. But a recent press release was just a little too … special for us to not take note.

We’ve written before about Asimo, an incredibly lifelike robot that Honda has made to show how capably they could replace the human race? Jk, jk. Asimo has gotten so advanced (YouTube his dancing) that a few months ago he played soccer with the President of the United States. The most powerful leader on the globe kicked around a soccer ball with a near-sentient robot. It was a weird moment.

Today, however, we stumbled across a video of Asimo visiting New York City. “ASIMO Visits The Big Apple” was posted in mid-November so we’re not sure how we missed it. The fact that it only has 18,000 views makes us think that a lot of other people missed it, too.

There’s not a whole lot that’s weirder than listening to a grown man who probably shops at Brooks Brothers talking sensitively about a robot as if he’s a real person and can actually, you know, tell that he’s in New York City. And yet the video has all sorts of bizarre shots of Asimo staring wistfully at the Empire State Building, wondering “if he can make it” in the Big Apple.

Jeffrey Smith, the video’s narrator, is an Assistant Vice-President of Corporate Affairs. We wonder if he knew as a boy that he would one day own his own home and send his children to private school by talking on camera about how people journey to NYC to see what they’re made of—just like Alicia Keys sang—and how Honda’s almost-Pinocchio has traveled from Japan to do the same.

All jokes aside, Asimo is getting pretty impressive. He can move all 10 fingers fluidly, which allows him to sign to deaf people. He can climb stairs in a smooth, continuous motion, which speaks to his balance control. And he can dexterously pick up a cup and fill it with coffee, an incredibly complex and delicate procedure.

The more proficient Asimo becomes, the more potential Honda has for intelligent automobiles of the future.

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