Archive | May, 2014

What Does the Car of the Future Look Like? Google Googles It

Google released some footage this week of people in the company’s self-driving car in a cutesy video reminiscent of how a toy company would show newborns engaging with mobiles, colorful blocks and stuffed animals. The reason this video merits our attention is that Google is not an automotive company. Many companies that make cars are […]

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How We Would Build Our 2014 Honda Accord

Because we live fast-paced and vicarious lives, we found ourselves enjoying the 30% humidity and low 70s temperature of this beautiful May morning by going over the year-to-date financial accounting of Honda’s U.S. sales in our air-conditioned office. This reverie, however, inspired a thought: seeing that the Accord is Honda’s best-selling model, we wondered: What […]

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