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Awesome Party for Customer Appreciation This Saturday

  Those of y’all who have been in Raleigh might remember our Customer Appreciation Celebration from last year. If so, you know to bring a friend to our 2014 celebration this Saturday, October 4. As summer draws to a close and we start catching hints of the fall, we wanted to offer a party where people […]

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Analyzed: Our First Image of the 2015 CR-V

Honda has released the first official picture of the 2015 CR-V, and it looks good. Really, it does. This is the first redesign of the CR-V in three long years, which means a substantial change in appearance is due. If you liked the 2015 Fit, you’ll like the new CR-V. There is a strong resemblance […]

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How To GoPro: Awesome DIY Driving Video Camera Options

Ah, Mr. Spielberg, perched so daintily atop your E.T. money, we suspect that you never foresaw the rise of the GoPro camera. A manageable, smartphone-sized video camera capable of recording high-definition video while suction-cupped onto nearly any surface imaginable—Indiana Jones could have used one of these in the Temple of Doom, eh? Well, we’re not […]

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Honda’s Virtual Towing Uses Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication

Help! I’m having a heart attack! Those storied words, first uttered by someone who has long since been forgotten, have haunted and now inspired Honda’s leadership. Their inspiration has been swift, visionary, possibly comedic, and has led to a new feature. Honda has developed “virtual towing,” a means by which one car can tow another […]

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