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We Want the 300-Horsepower Civic Type R So Bad It Hurts

Far across the Atlantic Ocean, Honda’s headquarters in Japan has been pondering an age-old question: do Americans like powerful engines? It’s a mystery that has ravaged thinkers throughout the ages. Einstein wrestled with it. Aristotle was plagued by it. Sir Isaac Newton only sat underneath an apple tree after a full day blogging about car […]

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Honda Invites Android Developers To Make In-Car Apps

You know those apps on your smartphone or tablet? Honda just made it possible for the public to make the same thing for the next generation of Honda vehicles. A new Silicon Valley initiative called Honda Developer Studio will allow software developers to develop apps with Google’s Android Auto software. This is big. Apps have become […]

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Skeletor Used Cyber Monday To Sneak On Honda’s Twitter

Everyone thought they had it figured out. Thanksgiving Thursday. Black Friday. Small Business Saturday. No one cares Sunday. Cyber Monday. What people probably weren’t ready for was Skeletor, a 1980s comic book and cartoon villain in the He-Man universe, showing up on Honda’s Twitter feed and raining down tweets like it was his job. @honda […]

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