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Honda Becomes First Carmaker to Release Brand of Water

G’day, mate! Today we’re about to get all Australian as we talk about Honda. We won’t be ragging on Steve Irwin (too soon), or discussing the Crocodile Dundee movies (too awful). Instead, we’ll be showing a brief commercial Honda is running in the land down under. The Premise: Honda’s FCX vehicle is so clean, it’s […]

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The Stats for Texting While Driving Are Bad, Bad, Bad

Ah texting. Such an innocuous thing, isn’t it? Ever since Texterico Textexterson invented texting back in 1749, we’ve been waiting for the day when messaging became accessible to everyone with thumbs (sorry, dogs and cats!). Honda has a new series of safety messages, however, that show how using a mobile device can increase auto collisions. […]

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