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Honda Building Natural Gas Filling Station

Sometimes life is about duty. Normal, plain, unaffected, flashless action performed without a hint of bombast. That’s the theme of today’s story about Honda building a natural gas filling station for vehicles at its Marysville, Ohio plant. If you’ve never heard of a vehicle that runs on natural gas, it’s probably because they’re a terrifically […]

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Daylight Savings Time: How to Adjust

“Gee Willikers, Martha! Why do we have to change the clocks?” “Because it’s Daylight Savings Time, Herb. We spring forward and fall backward because it saves energy, or because it promotes shopping, or because it gave farmers more time to work, or because Ben Franklin invented it. I don’t know, Herb! Stop asking questions!” “Ham […]

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First Woman and Non-Japanese Appointed to Top Honda Roles

What’s the old saying, two heads are better than one? The idea is that a differing perspective lets you think of more solutions than a closed-off worldview. Honda is embracing that adage by adding new leadership in two ways. Issao Mizoguchi is the company’s first non-Japanese operating officer, as he is a Brazilian of Japanese […]

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Apple Unveils CarPlay, A New System for Honda

When one of the world’s mobile computing leaders integrates its products with yours, you know you’re in a good spot. Apple announced this week that they are adding a new level of connection between their software and Honda vehicles. The link is called CarPlay and was previously called iOS in the Car for those of […]

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