Three of North Carolina’s Most Beautiful Roads

We’ve all seen those stereotypical car commercials: a smiling, demi-god of a human cruises along a curvy Californian cliff-side in their sleek convertible – Meanwhile, we’re on the couch wondering why our daily commute feels more like an episode of How It’s Made.

Luckily, you don’t have to go to California to experience top-quality road-scenery. North Carolina is full of awesome locations, and we know how to get you there. Here are our top 3 most beautiful roads near North Carolina.

3. North Carolina’s Highway 12

Highway 12 offers a front seat view to one of the most unique barrier island formations in the world: the Outer Banks. As you make your way down the sandy coastline, be sure to stop at one of the many shipwrecks, visit any of the seven coastal lighthouses, and recharge with some North Carolina seafood at one of the local restaurants.  Or, if you’re not big on the attractions, just pull over and get some warm sand between your toes.

2. Deal’s Gap, A.K.A: Tail of the Dragon

If you’re a car or motorcycle enthusiast living in North Carolina and you haven’t visited Deal’s Gap, you’re missing out. This 11-mile road, also known as “Tail of the Dragon,” is home to 318 high-elevation curves and a plethora of awe-inspiring scenery. But proceed with caution – every year the dragon claims a few lives of motorists trying to push their luck on the mountain. We recommend going in the spring or summer when the chances of ice are nil.

1. The Blue Ridge Parkway

Everyone knows about the Blue Ridge Parkway, so putting it on this list seems like a formality – but we had to. It is without question North Carolina’s most famous road and no matter how many times we’re on it, those blue ridgelines blow us away. Enjoy a leisurely drive down the curvy parkway, stop at an overlook for a shameless-selfie, and take a hike along the way for spectacular views you’ll never get from the road.

Do you have a favorite road to drive in North Carolina? Let us know on Facebook! We’re always looking for more scenic vacations close to home.

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