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HR-V Is Name of Honda’s New Crossover SUV Model

In the future, the fate of the automotive industry will come down to small, crossover SUVs, and Honda is preparing to unveil its contender in the fight. We’ve written before about Honda’s expectation that the Fit will surpass the Civic to become the company’s top-selling model; that’s phase one. Phase two will be what’s currently […]

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Lightning Reviews of the 2014 Honda Pilot

The 2014 Honda Pilot represents an SUV class that’s a bit off the mainstream. Despite all the craze for hybrids, crossovers, electrics and tiny cars that offer just enough space for you and your bicycle, some people need large, capable SUVs that can haul stuff and people with ease. The Honda Pilot has long been […]

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Feature Video Friday: The 2014 Honda CR-V

On Fridays we’re highlighting each of our vehicles with a video made right in our showroom, and because every series needs a catchy name, we’re calling it Feature Video Fridays. After starting with the 2014 Honda Accord, followed by the 2014 Honda Odyssey, we’re back this week with a walkaround video of the 2014 Honda […]

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Top 4 Honda Moments of 2013

As we look back at 2013 for Leith Honda, it’s apparent that it was a year of many cool things. To check what Honda’s been most excited about, we combed through their Facebook page from January to December and selected the most newsworthy, interesting and just plain awesome moments of the year. Therefore we give […]

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