Lightning Reviews of the 2014 Honda Pilot

The 2014 Honda Pilot represents an SUV class that’s a bit off the mainstream. Despite all the craze for hybrids, crossovers, electrics and tiny cars that offer just enough space for you and your bicycle, some people need large, capable SUVs that can haul stuff and people with ease.

The Honda Pilot has long been a stalwart of this segment. Large and unrounded, it announces its presence with self-assured aplomb. Neither minivan nor truck, it’s a two-ton V-6 that knows the value of quietness and reliability. For that reason, it was recently evaluated by four editors at Autoweek.

Before we give snippets of their review notes, it should be noted that all four editors mentioned the price of the Pilot as one of its most redeeming features. The model evaluated came with leather seats, rear entertainment system, all-wheel drive and a powered liftgate to make loading easier. Even with those options, the price still remained several thousand dollars below comparably equipped alternatives.

Each editor brings his own expertise (no hers this time, sorry) and unique experience and lifestyle. A redesign of the Honda Pilot is expected in the next year or two, which might bring a new body style, diesel use, or who knows, even a hybrid engine. Until then, blurbs from the following four will provide a reasonable expectation of the Pilot’s performance.

ASSOCIATE EDITOR GRAHAM KOZAK: “I smiled when I saw the 2014 Honda Pilot Touring in our parking structure. Boxy. I like that — it never really goes out of style.”

EDITOR WES RAYNAL: “I really liked driving it. It’s a really, really good midsize SUV. It looks like a box on wheels and in fact is a box on wheels, but I like the chunky look. I continue to be amazed at how smooth Honda engines are, and this is no exception. The V6 is sweet and smooth and the gearbox is silky — though only five speeds seem a little old school. It rides and handles well, smooth and composed with nice body control, but not jarring over rough pavement.”

DIGITAL EDITOR ANDREW STOY: “The driving position and outward visibility is excellent thanks to a large expanse of glass, and interior room feels vast thanks to open footwells and a broad, flat floor.”

ROAD TEST EDITOR JONATHAN WONG: “It’s a compliant ride around city streets and shooting down the expressway with the suspension soaking up most road imperfections well, with not too much road and wind noise penetrating the cabin.”

You can read the full review notes of Autoweek’s four editors (along with lots of images), but in case you’re in a hurry, we pulled out the most salient quotes from each. If you prefer to evaluate things for yourself, we would love to schedule a time with you at Leith Honda.

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