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One of the feedback sources we value most at Leith Honda are independent websites where people who have visited us can voice their opinions entirely as they see fit. DealerRater is one such site, and is a great resource for candid opinions and experiences about auto dealerships. Today we bring you a story submitted just a few days ago on January 20. It’s the experience of an Internet user “Aplavocos” who needed to find a car after the strange weather we’ve been having.

One of the most frustrating feelings in the world is having your vehicle totaled by inclement weather. It wipes out all the careful driving you practiced, along with the time and money you spent keeping your vehicle in good shape. All of that can be evaporated in an instant even when your car is parked safely in your driveway or nearby at the curb.

That’s exactly what happened to Aplavocos when the cold, ice and wind conspired to fell a 70 foot tree right onto his 18-year-old Honda Accord. Seventy years is a good age for a tree, and 18 years is old age for a Honda, and doubtless Aplavocos was proud that his Accord never died, even with more than 240,000 miles on it.

Like most people, Aplavocos didn’t go straight to a dealership. He did his own research to figure out which dealership to visit, and that research brought him to Leith Honda. There Aplavocos met John Oliver, a sales consultant. John worked to understand what was being looked for, then provided matches based on that information. Aplavocos writes that John made sure they had a done deal in less than a day, and followed up several times during and after the process to make sure that everything was as it ought to be.

“I have to say he has been one of the best sales people we have met in [our] many years of car buying,” Aplavocos said. “He works hard and we felt it was going to be a win-win situation for all parties. I highly recommend John and [Leith] Honda for anyone purchasing a Honda.”

That’s as good a recommendation as we can hope for, and we’re honored to receive it. You can read the full review at DealerRater, and step in at Leith Honda if you’d like to conduct some research of your own.

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