Top 4 Honda Moments of 2013

As we look back at 2013 for Leith Honda, it’s apparent that it was a year of many cool things. To check what Honda’s been most excited about, we combed through their Facebook page from January to December and selected the most newsworthy, interesting and just plain awesome moments of the year. Therefore we give you: the top four Honda moments of 2013.

1. The Urban SUV concept

What’s that, you say? The CR-V is perfect and can’t be improved upon in any way? We appreciate that confidence, but Honda didn’t become one of the top-selling brands by deciding its products were good enough and as forward-thinking as they could be. Check out the HR-V.

2. The 115 MPG Plug-In Hybrid Accord

Working hard to take care of the earth for future generations is something Honda takes seriously, which is why they decided to take the Accord and make it efficient. Really efficient. It went on sale in January and only costs $39k.

3. CR-V and Odyssey Best Cars for Families

The U.S. News & World Report gave these two models their top picks for compact SUVs and minivans, respectively, which means they were evaluated on quality, size and useful family features. Having someone else name your product as the best is a nice thing to have.

4. Completely owning other automakers in sales

The Accord, Civic, CR-V and Odyssey outsold all other models in their class through the end of the July. When the majority of people choose a brand year-in and year-out, it’s because the quality is high and innovation is constant. As an automaker, it doesn’t get better than that.

So there you have it! Think we missed something? Comment and let us know what you think Honda’s big moments for 2013 were. We hope you enjoyed our picks, and we look forward to seeing you in 2014. Happy New Year!

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