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Kelley Blue Book Awards 2015 Civic Best Small Car to Buy

One of the end-of-the-year stories that got lost in the shuffle was Kelley Blue Book, that nice old gentleman, naming the Civic as the Best Small Car to Buy in 2015. We’ve decided to post our written response here for your inspection, though it’s too late if you have any suggestions—we’ve already hit send. Dear […]

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Honda Invites Android Developers To Make In-Car Apps

You know those apps on your smartphone or tablet? Honda just made it possible for the public to make the same thing for the next generation of Honda vehicles. A new Silicon Valley initiative called Honda Developer Studio will allow software developers to develop apps with Google’s Android Auto software. This is big. Apps have become […]

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Honda Ups Its 2015 CR-Z Game With Supercharger, Hybrid

In terms of sporty driving, the CR-Z exists on the highest tower of Honda’s horsepower mountain. Its philosophy is that small, light cars have an intrinsic core of fun that foregoes big, heavy engines in favor of efficiency and ultra-low emissions. A pair of announcements within the past four weeks offer two branches of the […]

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