Honda Releases New Supercar NSX at Detroit Auto Show


You know what? We’re doing it. It might have the Acura badge on it, but this is a Honda car overall, and will even be badged as a Honda in other areas of the world, so yeah, we’re going to write this.

This week, Honda rebirthed the NSX supercar at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The NSX died out in 2005 due to perceived low demand, but here we are a decade later welcoming a new one. Here’s hoping we don’t encounter another economic recession, right?


For 2016, we get a supercar that in true Honda fashion, “isn’t a digital car at all. It’s an analog car.” By that, Chief Engineer Ted Klaus means that the new NSX is light on computers and heavy on good old fashioned race car engineering.

With three electric motors and a twin-cam V6 engine with six turbochargers, the new NSX is aiming higher than its initial target of Audi’s R8. According to Klaus, the NSX will be going after the Ferrari 458 Italia.


Listen to comedian and customer Jerry Seinfeld’s first impressions below, then check out this full rundown of how the 2016 NSX was built. Good stuff.

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