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Consumer Reports Names Accord LX As Top Mid-Size Sedan

We’ve written a lot of stories about Honda over the past eight months, but we’ve never dedicated a post to the mainstay that is the Accord LX, the most basic mid-size sedan Honda offers. Consumer Reports, however, recently announced that the Accord LX is their top pick in mid-size sedan which means that for a […]

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Fun Summer Event: NC Museum of History State Exhibit

The North Carolina Museum of History is hosting its largest exhibit ever, The Story of North Carolina. As the title suggests, this exhibit is all about North Carolina: how it started, who started it, what changes it has gone through, and what its distinguishing features are. The result is a massive series of artifacts, multimedia […]

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How We Would Build Our 2014 Honda Accord

Because we live fast-paced and vicarious lives, we found ourselves enjoying the 30% humidity and low 70s temperature of this beautiful May morning by going over the year-to-date financial accounting of Honda’s U.S. sales in our air-conditioned office. This reverie, however, inspired a thought: seeing that the Accord is Honda’s best-selling model, we wondered: What […]

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