Consumer Reports Names Accord LX As Top Mid-Size Sedan


We’ve written a lot of stories about Honda over the past eight months, but we’ve never dedicated a post to the mainstay that is the Accord LX, the most basic mid-size sedan Honda offers. Consumer Reports, however, recently announced that the Accord LX is their top pick in mid-size sedan which means that for a massive section of the population, this is the number one car. It has the size and room that the economizing Civic trims out, the more luxurious trims and notes that you’ll appreciate over the long-haul, and the engineering-focused construction that’s a Honda trademark.

As you know, Consumer Reports is famous for its no-frills assessment of products and meticulous accumulation of data over time. The magazine produces reports that mix their own laboratory testing with samplings of consumer data to cut through all the marketing and advertising that regular folks just trying to watch Seinfeld have to endure. For this reason, we are thrilled to see the Accord LX come out on top in a market with numerous rivals who are quite talented.

The LX comes with features that we appreciate: in a world of turbocharged four-cylinder engines that make you wait for response, the Accord’s direct-injection four-cylinder gives you reliable power when you want it, day in and day out. A six-speed manual transmission means that if you want to save your soul and actually enjoy the experience of driving, you can do so even in an entry-level vehicle. Active noise cancellation means the Accord measures road noise, then produces a neutralizing frequency through the sound system. The result is one you’d never notice, because there’s nothing to notice. The Accord is a ULEV, or Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle, which means that it emits “50 percent less polluting emissions than the average for new cars released in that model year.”

We have written extensively about Honda’s safety systems, but we should note that in the Accord safety systems abound. Vehicle Stability Assist with Traction Control helps keep you on the road in emergency situations. Front, side and curtain airbags all work to keep occupants safe in the event of a collision. A rearview camera and sensors can help you when backing up, and hands-free texting, music, directions and phone calling can keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road while driving. Honda wants to make the world a safer place, and its vehicles reflect that.

We hope that we and Consumer Reports have given you impetus to check out the 2014 Accord LX and see why it’s the number one choice for mid-size sedan. At Leith Honda we’ll be pleased to listen to what you’re looking for in a vehicle, and help if we can. Come by to see us!

Consumer Reports Names Accord LX As Top Mid-Size Sedan was last modified: December 30th, 2014 by Leith Honda

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