The Stats for Texting While Driving Are Bad, Bad, Bad

Ah texting. Such an innocuous thing, isn’t it? Ever since Texterico Textexterson invented texting back in 1749, we’ve been waiting for the day when messaging became accessible to everyone with thumbs (sorry, dogs and cats!).

Honda has a new series of safety messages, however, that show how using a mobile device can increase auto collisions. Take this stat, for example:

Did you know you’re 2x more likely to crash if you text using your smartphone while driving?

Twice as likely is pretty significant. You might also recall a widely-publicized study from two years ago that showed that texting while driving halves your reaction time, making collisions far more likely. A further study showed that a car can travel the length of a football field—100 yards—in the time it takes to read a text.

Honda has included safety features in your car, like a SMS Text Message Reader. Have your texts read aloud to you while dirving, or simply save them for later.

Or Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink [1] lets you make, receive and end calls while keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

Honda has a super easy-to-read page that talks about safety features, and how your particular vehicle is equipped. We encourage you to stay safe and defer mobile devices to passengers or until after you’ve stopped. It can wait.

See what safety features are available on your favorite Honda model.

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