Honda Sets Lawnmower Speed Record at 116 MPH [video]

Total insanity. Several years ago, Anthony Hopkins made a movie about motorcycles called The Fastest Indian. Though he has since shown his age playing Thor’s dad, we’re almost positive he’s investigating film rights to another land-speed achievement this week. Namely, Honda setting the Guinness World Record for fastest lawnmower at 116.57 mph.

A flash of red, the burbling of a muffler, a Stig-like white helmeted head, the acrid smell of scorched asphalt and Scott’s TruGreen lawncare. Those were likely the details floating in the air at Tarragona, Spain, where Piers Ward, senior road test editor for the BBC’s Top Gear program strapped himself into a black driving suit and set out to make lawnomotive history.

What does it feel like to hit 100 mph in a lawnmower? Do you worry about the blade slicing one of your legs clean off if you drive over a bump? Guinness rules stipulate that the vehicles must be able to cut grass, though because it does not say how the grass must be cut, a 3mm steel cable is the mower’s cutting implement. Still, the Mean Mower—so named by its maker, British Touring Car Championship partner Team Dynamics—does not have a seat belt, so Ward is a brave man indeed.

Enjoy the video.

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