Stylish Durability and Innovative Design in the Honda Ridgeline

Our Feature Video Friday took a brief vacation, but we’re back this week with one of the more curious offering from the designers and engineers at Honda: the Ridgeline.

The Ridgeline has always occupied a unique niche in the truck industry. Its longitudinal powertrain is different than most trucks in that the crankshaft is located along the length of the vehicle, front to back. Its unibody frame gives it a very tight, well-contained feel, not unlike that of a well-constructed sedan. It favors a roomier cabin, showing particular emphasis to the rear seats, than most mid-size trucks.

The goal of the Ridgeline, however, has always been to bring Honda values to the truck segment, not to make a truck like everyone else’s. For that reason handling feels assured and direct. The suspension focuses on providing a smooth, stable ride instead of the more bouncy setups of other designs. The cabin is sculpted to provide a well-crafted, thoughtful interior with controls where you need them. Most people note that the Ridgeline is easy and comfortable to drive, not unlike a car.

In many ways it is helpful to think of the Ridgeline as a truck in terms of values. The powered rear window slides open to allow easy communication or access to the flat bed. The rear seats lift upward to provide extra storage space in the cabin for items you want securely held. Keyless entry means no fumbling for keys while your hands are full of bulky items, and the unique trunk in the flat bed offers extra storage in an unusual place. The tailgate folds down or swings outward depending on your needs, and a standard rearview camera gives rear driving an extra degree of safety.

To take a look at the 2014 Honda Ridgeline for yourself, stop by or schedule an appointment at your convenience. We hope to see you!

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