Obvious, but Overlooked Car Burglary Prevention Tips

Few things are as frustrating as walking up to your car to find that it’s been broken into. That panic and anger you feel for your lost items is only amplified by the hoops you must jump through to get them back. And if the burglars have caused any damage to your car, that’s even more on your plate. So what can you do to never be in this situation?

1. Don’t leave items in the car

We know this is incredibly obvious, but that doesn’t stop people from ignoring this advice constantly. If you leave valuable items in your car, it’s an incentive. The more valuable an item, the higher reward for stealing it, and thus the bigger risk someone is willing to take for it. So, if you don’t leave anything valuable in your car, you’re lowering the incentive for breaking in. If must leave your pricey items in the car, put them in the trunk or lock them in the glovebox.

2. Remember to lock your doors

Captain obvious strikes again. But you’ve got to understand, we wouldn’t have to type this if it wasn’t relevant. People are leaving their cars unlocked and giving criminals free range on their belongings every day. In fact, the most common tactic for breaking into a car doesn’t involve breaking anything at all. Criminals walk by vehicles and give the door handle a tug. If it opens, they go in; if it doesn’t, they move on. The risk is incredibly low for criminals, and the reward is as high as ever.

3. Install a car alarm

Whether thieves are breaking in to steal your car or the items in your car, an alarm will make sure they don’t have a lot of time to do it. In this case, the noisier the alarm the better. Pick something that’s going to draw the most attention if it goes off, and then have it professionally installed so you know it will work correctly. If only we could choose a custom noise for our alarm… Hearing the roar of Chewbacca coming from a vehicle would terrify even the most hardened criminals.

4. Park in well-lit and densely populated areas

Don’t park your car somewhere scary and dark. This just makes it easier for someone to hide and take their time breaking into it. Park it somewhere well-lit if you can, or in a spot that is well-traveled. Again, the riskier it is for someone to break into your car, the less likely it’s to happen.

As a general rule, the best way to protect from theft is to make it difficult. The riskier, less rewarding, and the more complicated breaking into your car is, the better. So follow our rules above, and keep your belongings where they belong.

Obvious, but Overlooked Car Burglary Prevention Tips was last modified: March 23rd, 2022 by Leith Honda

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