Feature Friday: 2014 Honda Accord Walkaround Video

For the next few Fridays, we’d like to highlight each of Leith Honda’s 2014 models via a series of Youtube videos we created. This week we’re showing off the 2014 Honda Accord, particularly its most interesting features and benefits.

The 2014 Honda Accord is like an apple in that’s it universally recommended, but not exactly the fanciest food in existence. It’s roomy, safe, reliable, moderately attractive and relatively sporty. It gets good gas mileage, is remarkably fuel-efficient, doesn’t use cheap parts and even offers some of the more upscale features found on luxury cars.

The interior design aesthetic is simple, refined and unobtrusive. The suspension is robust, and makes driving a fun experience, though that level of feedback might feel like bumpiness to some drivers. The standard 4-cylinder engine never feels droll or inadequate, and the V6 accelerates vigorously. Very confidence-inspiring.

As you might expect from an established market leader with years of positive cash flow, the materials used and the skill with which they’re fitted are exceptional and feel like high-quality goods. The company has their manufacturing processes down, with an excellent supply chain in place, which means that the Accord is, quite simply, an unfailingly well-made car.

We hope you found this description informative and that it equipped you with a better knowledge of the Accord. We’d love to see you at Leith Honda, and we think that you’d enjoy getting behind the wheel of an Accord to appreciate the craftsmanship put into producing one.

Happy Holidays!

Feature Friday: 2014 Honda Accord Walkaround Video was last modified: December 30th, 2014 by Leith Honda


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