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pets distracted driving

Pets and Distracted Driving

When we think of distracted driving, the typical  “culprits” that come to mind include; texting, eating, applying makeup, chatting on the phone, or even daydreaming. However, we seldom consider that traveling with an unsecured pet is a very real and dangerous distraction. AAA in conjunction with Kurgo conducted a survey of people who often drive […]

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Traveling with pets

Traveling With Pets Made Easy

Traveling is an experience that should be rewarding, exciting, and memorable for you and every member of your family – even the furriest ones. No, we’re not talking about grandpa, we’re talking about your pets! Seeing your pet’s excitement when they’re gearing up for a trip is priceless, but without the right preparation and knowledge, […]

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How to Keep That New Car Smell

Ah, that new car smell. Without it, a new car would not be the same. The scent of a new vehicle carries prestige, opulence, and the air of quality through your nostrils, flooding your olfactory nerves with the fresh smell of excellence. Unfortunately, new cars naturally lose their divine stench over time. It is possible, however, […]

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Photos: Civic Type R Too Awesome for Words

In the past, certain people believed that dancing could cause rain. Today we know better. That’s silly, we say, because busting a move has literally nothing to do with meteorology. We’d never think of doing it. And yet here we are to write about the Honda Civic Type R. As the photos show, this car […]

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