Honda Vezel Offers Glimpse At an Alternate Fit

It’s inspiring to see non-U.S. models from our favorite brands because it lets us see what other cultures and peoples value in their vehicles. Such is the case with the Tokyo Auto Salon that’s been happening this week in Japan, of which Honda is a participant.

While many automakers use auto shows to release new models and debut interesting concept designs, the Tokyo Auto Salon is different in that it has performance and customizing focuses. Hence the show is not about visions of the future—whether next year or five years out—but instead about taking what’s currently available and making it look and perform as uniquely as possible.

Hence the Mugen’s—a custom tuning company—Vezel, a Japan-only model. Beneath the custom fenders, air intakes and body lines, an acute observer can detect elements of the CR-Z and Fit merged into a single vessel. It appears to be a four-door with the rear handles almost invisibly molded into the triangular nook of the rear windows. In the words of Autoblog, “It features a bonkers body kit, dual exhaust, brake upgrade, sport suspension, intricate 20-inch alloy wheels and an upgraded interior.”

All of which create an urban sprinter sure to please racing enthusiasts who prefer as small a footprint as possible. Of course, there’s no word of the Vezel ever coming to the U.S., but perhaps you think there should be? What elements would you like to see added onto the Fit? Do you think an elongated version of the Vezel would look sportier than the Civic? What do you see as the advantages of the Vezel?

That’s all for us here at Leith Honda this week. Have a fantastic weekend!

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