2015 Honda Civic Type-R Makes it to Europe, United States up Next

honda civic type r

Any car that can tackle the Nürburgring in under 8 minutes is worthy of some appreciation. When that car is the four-door front-wheel drive Honda Civic Type-R, it’s positively jaw-dropping. Currently, the Type-R is only available in Europe, but Honda reports that it will make landfall in the United States by 2018.

And We Couldn’t Be More Ecstatic

Why? Because the Type-R is the hot hatch Honda of our dreams. Its current engine (which is being made in the US and shipped to Europe) is a turbocharged 2.0L that makes 306-horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. It rockets from 0 to 60 in 5.5 seconds and tops out at 168mph.

honda civic type r

But what good is all that speed if you can’t share it with your friends? Slinging into corners at high speeds and terrifying your buddies should be no problem in the Honda Civic Type-R. It’s got a comfortable back seat and plenty of head room – so at least they’ll be cozy while holding on for dear-life.

And if they get too scared, you can just tell them to relax. If anything were to go wrong (which it shouldn’t) the Honda has 360 degree airbag coverage, collision warning, and blind spot monitoring. Plus Honda’s new Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) system scans and displays the traffic signs you pass right on your instrument cluster. Everything is going to be fine, capiche?

honda civic type r

The American Type-R

The Type-R is confirmed, but some of the finer details still haven’t been hammered out. For instance, there’s no word on what kind of engine our Type-R is going to get, which has some people on edge. Historically, import cars tend to see a loss in power when they hit our shores, which is something we don’t want to see happen to the Type-R.

But there is good news. The European Type-R’s engine as we said before is being made in the United States at Honda’s Anna Engine Plant in Sidney, Ohio. We would be pretty surprised if Honda didn’t use the 306-horsepower engine we’re so excited about.

Time Will Tell

And we’ll keep you posted until it does. Make sure to follow our blog for more updates, or check out the Facebook page for all the latest Honda news and events.

honda civic type r

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