The 2014 Valkyrie Rumbles Its Way Back Into Showrooms

What is driving about? For many of us, driving equals transportation: kids, groceries, shopping bags, furniture, and if we’re lucky, maybe a few beach chairs. Honda is known for getting us reliably from point A to point B, over and over again, comfortably and without incident. But what if the core of the driving experience […]

In Memoriam: The Section 179 Tax Break

Small business owners, take heed: a very useful tax break that you may or may not be aware of is expiring at the end of this year. Currently, Section 179 of the United States tax code allows you to write off the purchase of vehicles, particularly large vehicles and SUVs. The cost of these purchases […]

5 ways to banish frost or ice from your windshield

Ah, wintertime. Encountering a layer of frost on our windows—or even the entire car—can be an unpleasant surprise, particularly if you’re running late and need to have left 10 minutes ago. Even worse is when you have a layer of ice on the inside of your windows, as well (read on for how to prevent […]

Honda Studies Stroke Survivors, Then Helps Out

Sometimes you have to admire a company’s commitment to an idea. Honda recently announced the first large scale clinical trial of a device it made to help stroke survivors learn to walk again. The study has already begun, and is being performed at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. The Walking Assist Device is somewhat futuristic-looking, […]

Touchscreen display and iOS support for 2014 Civic and 2015 Fit

Have you ever wished that you always had a tablet in your car to help you figure out where to go and how to get there? With Honda’s December 3 announcement, that could soon be a reality. The 2014 Civic and 2015 Fit will have two new optional features that smartphone users will appreciate: a […]

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